I'm not your average tactically trained business strategist

Why Work With Me?

Because I get you. I understand the entrepreneurial brain and the excitement that it brings. I also understand the overwhelm that comes with jumping from idea to idea, task to task, trying to assemble the pieces all on your own to take that next step forward in your business.

​With a unique mix of business-smart and empathetic intuition, I have all the important stuff covered. I didn’t appear in a puff of Internet smoke six months ago after deciding to jump aboard this online business bandwagon with big, bold, false claims. I earned my stripes over 25 years of business success. What I deliver is tried, tested and true and delivers real results.


You, and your business, are unique. The products and services you offer, the way you support your clients – everyone brings their own flavour and that’s the authenticity that your clients crave.

But .... despite all your best efforts, your confidence sometimes falters and self-doubt creeps in. Overwhelm sneaks up on you or you find yourself so scared of the next step that you either sit still or throw ideas at the wall just to see what sticks.

I see you and I get it.


That self doubt just sucks the momentum out of you. The overwhelm that shuts you down. The fear and constant worry about money, decisions, freedom .... and those constant thoughts that won't go away ... "Should I?" "Can I?" "What if?"

I get it because I've been there. 

Respected expertise with out-of-the-box advice.

A few short years ago, I was a corporate high flyer ... living the corporate high life dream. I spent hours in meetings, responding to emails, overseeing programme deliveries, facilitating teams, designing solutions and driven by my ever full diary. 


Then fate intervened - sometimes life gives you a 'whack' and you have to roll with it. That happened to me. In 2015, I had to step back and reassess my priorities.  I made some changes ... and one of them was I left my job.

I parcelled up 25 years of proven business and consulting acumen and stepped out to start my own business.

Marching to the beat of your own drum. 

Almost every client that comes to me is driven by a major event or a catalyst to take action and take charge of their life.

Living life on your own terms means recognising that your approach, your business and your goals are unique to you.


I understand that. I’ve been there. I’ve walked that path.

Everyone’s journey is different, and that’s more than ok.


To me, that’s perfect.

I’m lucky – I’m dyslexic. Yes, lucky.

Being dyslexic has forced me to manage situations creatively – giving me the skills to approach problems from a perspective that most wouldn’t consider. In building my own bridges to learning, I’ve gained the ability to share my knowledge with others in ways that suit their unique needs. Pair that with my natural optimism and I’m looking for the best in everything I do and everyone I meet.

I have a unique understanding of you and know what support you need to deal with mindset blocks. I also understand your people, the people you want to connect with. I get inside their heads and hearts, I uncover what they need and help you to deliver just that. And I do it in the most simple, smart way I can, with no fluff, no jargon, just results. 

I take people just like you on a journey. 

I help you to see your future through the lens of success.

I partner with you to step out confidently in pursuit of your goals.


So you can find your voice. 


And be HEARD.


If you’re ready to commit yourself to building a successful business, I’d love to work with you.


Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you.

I’m here to help you position yourself for success.


  • I keep a list of amazing, powerful people I that I admire. My goal is to meet each one, and to ask them about the person that had the biggest impact on their life, and why that was important. Their insight would be so fascinating – I’d love to share their knowledge by combining their answers in a book.

  • I love reading about new technologies and get excited by new tech stuff


  • I love creating and building new things

  • I love public speaking. For some reason, getting up in front of a group and sharing my thoughts isn’t that daunting for me.  I actually enjoy it.


  • I truly believe that people are incredible. I’m constantly amazed by their courage, strength and beauty. I am a lucky woman to get the opportunity to work with such interesting people!


  • Everything can be figured out. No matter what we want to create or make happen, it can be figured out. Google is the best free research assistant and social media allows us to connect with almost anyone on the planet to help bring our ideas to life.


  • Never create a service or product just for the money. The greatest financial, spiritual and emotional profits come from where our deepest passions connect with our customers' needs. Every program or service I offer exists because I fully believe in it, it sounds like fun and I know it will make a difference in my customers' lives.


  • Caring is the most important marketing strategy there is. I truly care about my customers and that is why I strive to deliver real value in everything I do.


  • Intuition rules. I trust my gut over everything else. I take risks when it feels right and turn down revenue, opportunities and partnerships that, despite looking good on paper, give me that flash of intuitive doubt.