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6 quick money making ideas for your business

There are times when we all need a quick income boost in our business whether it's to cover the unexpected bill that's come our way or to enable us to step up to an opportunity like a training or speaking opportunity.

There could be a million reasons why an extra bit of money would be welcome!

Here are 6 easy money making ideas that could get you a little extra cash in your business within the next four weeks:

1) Have a Flash Sale

It's probably the first thing you thought of ... and that's because it also a big winner. The trick is to offer a big enough discount so that your market just has to dive on in without being so cheap that it feels ... awkward.

You can limit the sale to some specific items or apply it across the board. Whatever you choose, you want to position it so that anyone who has ever thought about buying from you will jump on the opportunity. It's just simply too good to miss!

2) A VIP Limited Edition Offer

Design a special limited edition high value offer for a select group that already love what you have and what you do. Position it as very special ... a once in a year opportunity that may never be repeated.

Have some clear time frame boundaries about how long the offer lasts and pitch it with care to the people who you know will appreciate the opportunity to buy that bundled package or purchase that time with you.

3) BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)

Another sure fire winner is a limited time (say 48 hours) BOGOF offer. Purchase one coaching session and get your second one free, buy one silver necklace and get a free bracelet ... you get the message.

Any product or service can be used in a BOGOF sale.

4) Add a Tripwire

This one can become an ongoing piece in your sales strategy. It's quick, easy and always a winner!

If you already have a lead magnet, add a bonus low value offering to your thank you page that provides a taste of what you do. Keep it straight forward and simple and priced competitively. Tell them you only offer this opportunity here and now, and once passed up ... it's gone.

5) Host a paid Masterclass or Short Course (Online or In Person)

Thinking of a masterclass or short course?

What can you talk about that provides values without going to too much preparation work? What piece of your expertise can you share that provides immediate value?

Think of a topic that resonates with your audience: 90 Day Planning Made Simple! Tap Your Way to Weight Loss! Fun Vegetarian Meals for Under 5s! Styling Your Summer Holiday with 8 Core Pieces! Layering your Jewellery Like a Pro! ... the topics are endless.

Choose a date. Select your delivery medium. Finalise a price. Create your landing page. Get your message out. Make sales!

6) Pop Up Shop (Online or In Person)

Considering a Pop Up Shop?

Find a venue. Gather your stock. Entice your audience. Pull in your market. Sell your product!

The secret to success is going for it ... and spreading the word.

If you're looking for a quick cash injection, I hope one of these options looks like a doable one for you. There's nothing like a quick burst of targeted action taken with focus and determination to bring some hard earned cash through the door.

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