Debra is an engaging and inspiring speaker on topics about growing your business and personal and professional growth.

Businesses, organisations and conference organisers and planners engage Debra to present keynote speeches and motivational presentations at International and National Conferences, Corporate events, seminars, workshops, networking events and convention breakout sessions that encourages people to change their game and succeed in today's world.

She is an experienced conference and summit chair person and panel chair.  



Event Testimonials:

''Where do I start after this weekend's workshop? It was WOW! I am still reeling from Debra’s talk on Positioning Yourself for Business Success. So many takeaways! In one afternoon I felt that I'd taken a leap forward in my business. A huge thanks to Debra for delivering an amazing talk! We had a truly fabulous event!''  - Christine Evans Attendee at Women in Business Workshop, 2019

"What an amazing speech. Debra is a whirlwind of expertise and knowledge - a force of nature!  I could see from the reaction of the packed room that she had a positive influence on everyone and that we all went away with renewed confidence, vigour and ideas to identify our business opportunities and dig down to find our true clients, build a business we love and make money." - Julie Parsons, Female Entrepreneurs Association, 2019

"Would attend any event hosted/presented by Debra." - Chair & Panel Leader, Women in Engineering Conference, 2016


"Excellent work Debra. I really enjoyed the Workshop." - Half Day Workshop Presenter, Business with Heart, 2017


"Loved your keynote. It was full of practical ideas delivered through engaging stories." - Keynote, Women in Business, 2017

"Debra was a great chairperson who kept everything flowing well!" - Chair, Women in Business Leadership
 Conference, 2017

Participant feedback on "Position Yourself for Success" Full day pre-Conference Masterclass, 2018:

*Score /5* - *Knowledge of the subject:  4.80, *Relevance: 4.80, *Standard of Presentation: 4.70

I am available for:

  • Podcast Interviews

  • Keynote speeches

  • Spotlight speeches

  • Virtual training for Masterminds

  • On-location retreat workshops